Classic Children's Tales I

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Enjoy the most lovely tales now and ever. Tom Thumb, Sleeping Beauty, The fisherman and his wife, The Golden Bird, The Queen Bee, The Wondrful Musician,  and much more that will take you into a fantasy world full of fun, surprises, mysteries and adventures.  Total 13 tales.

Specifications: Ribbed Outer Spine, Hardbound, Ribbon Bookmarker.
New. Easy to read without magnifying glasses. A great addition to any collection of small and miniature books.

Edited by Alberto Briceño Editores S.R.L
Language: English 
First Edition, August 2010 , Lima Peru 
Dimensions: (width x height x depth):  0.84 x 2.65 x 2.00 inches (2.13 x 6.67 x 5.10 cm)430 Pages